This Demon​-​Haunted World

by Setesh

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Copyright 2015 Edward Schreiber. Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this record prohibited. All rights of the owner of the work reproduced reserved.


released October 13, 2015

Edward Schreiber: vocals, guitars, bass, keyboard, programming
Nun the Wiser: additional vocals on "Hymn to the Hidden God"
All lyrics by Edward Schreiber

Produced by Edward Schreiber
Recorded at Repti Domus between April 2nd, 2014 and September 17th, 2015
Sleeve design by Edward Schreiber
Cover photo "Altar of Hecate" by Katlyn Breene (Zingaia at DeviantArt)
Back cover photo by Hatestock at DeviantArt
Thanks are due to my family and friends for support.

Released by Naqada Records
Catalog number NR01



all rights reserved


Setesh Birmingham, Alabama

One-man metal from the deep, dark South, stylistically diverse and thick with occultism.

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Track Name: Beneath a Bleeding Sky
Beneath a bleeding sky

Prometheus has risen
and the gods have long expired
Olympus remains vacant
and their temples desolated

Born from out of chaos,
We remain in ignorance
praying to our god of death,
forever blinded by the light
Yet another king has fallen
but the throne is never vacant
to a never-ending line of
earthly gods among the masses

From the temple steps they built an
empire bathed in the blood of men
From the altar they bewitched the masses
to circulate their arrogance
They authored a chain of absurd myths
to imprison countless minds
and built their temples out of clay
to shape the amorphous word of god

Their savage god of death inspired
countless atrocities,
an uncontested monarch reigning
from the thrones of tyrants
These arrogant parasites
made a virus of oppression
fueled on superstition rather
than the flame of intellect

Yet still they grasp at
these accursed artifacts
strengthened by their
fear and ignorance
The hands of god are stained
with the blood of his children
for they've raped the Earth
to save our immortal souls

and all that remains
is embers and ashes
but the fire of the mind
will never be extinguished

The mystery religions
have long been obsolete
but now the priesthood operates
in the burning light of day

So may the kings all be dethroned
May the idols be destroyed
May their temples be defiled,
and their words condemned to relics

Prometheus has risen
as this fallen world awakens
to the blazing light of reason
As it was, so mote it be

Lord Osiris has been slain
and the hidden god ascendeth
as we stand before rubicon and
await the dawn beneath a bleeding sky
Track Name: Hymn to the Hidden God
Come closer

Open wide
The gates of Sumer
Speak to me
in arcane wisdom

Be in favor of Sutah
The unseen, unknown and untamed
His majesty, king of the desert
God of the scared profane

Our patron horned and adorned in green
The children of Hecate speak
With the darkness which lurks in our minds

Be in favor of Sutah
The undying Typhonic Beast
Brother, betrayer and teacher
His names and forms are uncounted

Lay down the cards
And cast your hexes
Light the candles
abandon your senses

Cast off professed wisdom
From demons dressed in white
Make your predictions from ancient convictions
Awaken to face the darkly splendid night

Be in favor of Sutah
The hidden god of many names
His majesty, king of the desert
The keeper of the black flame

And we profane all that is sacred
Rend the veil and break the silence
Crawling on the back of dead religion

Open wide
The gates of Naqada
Speak to me
in profane wisdom

Iahu Isfet
Iahu Ma’at
Track Name: Incubus
Haunted by demons at every turn
No cure or respite from these nightmares
The world outside has me terrified
But I find no respite here locked up inside
There’s a weight bearing upon my chest
There’s a silhouette in the doorway
They’re just shadows from the bleeding void
seen countless times before

He is my catalyst
crippling my senses
feeding off my weakness
Embracing when I lie defenseless
Haunts me almost every night
Takes from me without courtesy
Can’t even put up a fight
Is there no cure to this malady

Unwanted malevolent visitors
from beyond the veil of oblivion
and scientists cold and inhuman
from the black uncharted reaches of the cosmos

I have been awake for days
And I’m slowly succumbing to somnolence
As darkness descends the shadows grow longer
I patiently await my sanity’s thieves
Track Name: Leviathan
We turn to greet the morning sun
at the dawn of a new age
as the burning shadows rise
from beneath a bleeding sky

the savage beast unchained
the poison in your veins

Our work is never finished and we've traveled for so long
oppressed and banished, then forgotten, but still we carry on
Searching for our promised land beneath these frozen wastes
breathing in the ashes, suffering their bitter taste

Perhaps the cause was pure once, back when all of this began
but our fathers have all passed and their words have been profaned
So now have we become precisely that which we despise?
We were promised paradise built upon a throne of lies

Devoted my life to us in pursuit of the secrets
controlling our own brothers with the promise of the answers
If we have a change of heart, we dare not break the silence
so none will stand beside me when I go under the knife

But when we rise together,
no force can stand against us
No longer gripped by fear
we saw the light and broke the circle

and when the dam bursts
you'll hear a deafening sound
for now you hear just whispers
as you till your burial grounds

His forbidden worship lingers still within these darkened shrines
inching closer to the end, resting in the coils of chaos
We are prisoners of paradise unchained and shown the light
but they've hoarded it and keep it locked away, buried deep

He turns from the underworld
to greet the mourning sun
as the raging oceans open wide
to swallow the fallen ones
Track Name: Brotherhood of the Snake
This planet’s infested with serpents of light
they writhe just beneath the surface
injecting their poison deep into our veins
concerted and deep-seated curses

as ancient as the sun
they scorned the regal and the divine
inherited the ancient mysteries
and authored a dialect of signs
they met under cover of darkness
to worship the forbidden god
and struck like thieves in the temples of men
unseating the kings from their thrones

Break your vow of silence
Rend the veil of dogma
In the houses of serpents Leviathan slumbers
They witness the death of Osiris once more

They brought with them Lucifer’s fire
Bearing freedom to the common man
Began a great experiment
Free from the dogma of tyrants
But they whispered in the ears of vultures
and planted the seeds of dissention
They drew order from out of chaos
so their people begged to be shackled

Still the great deceiver speaks with
the mass interest in mind
Yet scatters from the sunlight
where the profane cannot find
But fear not, dear brothers
For we always stand beside you
for your language fails to hide you
And the world will not abide you

and I know you've tried
to swim against the tide
and you've fallen so many times
by the hands of those you've lifted high
When your master retires in shame
and the temples you built lay in ruins
we can no longer ignore or deny
that which makes us human

Scorpio rises
when Lucifer falls

In the house of the serpent
at the gateway to the desert
great Apophis is awakened
to the scent of burning roses
and in the Eastern horizon
above the pale black earth
and the endless red desert
the serpent devours the sun
Track Name: This Demon-Haunted World
Bleed unto the leeches
Rust and iron in your veins
Embraced in a swarm of locusts
stretching out across these plains
awakened from the sleep of reason
in this demon-haunted world
amongst hordes of writhing serpents
vicious jackals, honored liars

They hide in wait for the unwary
pledging answers to your problems
Dress their fiction up as ancient
and wear the mask of science
Throughout history the skeptics have
been unveiling our condition
Those venerable, yet still unsung
Who suffered for their wisdom

Still some consign their confidence
to comfortable delusions
modern ancient pseudo-science
secret cures in mass production
From the dark universe yawning
to our humble bestial nature
we created demons in the darkness
which we have not yet abandoned
and we fashioned gods from nature
and imbued them with our failings
They spoke through gifted proxies
who became priests of the mysteries
They charmed the serpent to sleep
And chained the ignorant masses
And paved the road to paradise
With bone dust, blood and ashes

still we arose like drifting embers
shedding light into the cosmos
but those demons haunt us still
we leap at shadows on the wall

But we are human after all so
you must be your harshest skeptic
Are your beliefs truly worth having
If they cannot withstand scrutiny
Some misguided mistrust has
ruined lives and induced deaths
Still some would rather bear their throat to
independent misanthropes

Behind a veil of smoke and mirrors
These prowling jackals beckon
to douse the fire of the mind
for their solemn sleep of reason
and their lives are torn asunder
ever churning in the maelstrom
and the funeral dogs awaken
in the yawning mouth of darkness

In this demon-haunted world